Thanks to the simplicity and convenience of our application, users will have the opportunity to report literally one-touch problems, and utilities will be able to react quickly to the received signal.In fact, the "Civil Patrol" project is a social network in which not indifferent citizens can notify the municipal services of the city about all incidents in real time.

3 in 1

Ease of using

The program has the simplest interface that allows you to literally one-touch send data about any accident .


Each incident signal is necessarily provided with geodata, which allows you to more quickly localize the problem and respond to it.


Each user of the system will be able to assess the quality of the work of public utilities, the speed of their response is not a signal, to report the defects or negligence of their employees

Have a Close View



allows you to see a map of all accidents in real time

Direct communication

all signals about problems are sent directly to the control panel by the utilities, and you won’t have to dial up their busy phone


Cumulative data system will help to identify the most problematic regions and bottlenecks in the work of service providers


user of the system can become every indifferent citizen, who just needs to install our application on his smartphone

Not indifferent citizens

MyTown project is a mobile application that allows every conscious citizen to inform utilities as quickly as possible about incidents in the streets of the city: breakdowns, accidents, defects, negligence, and even ignoring their direct duties by authorized representatives of such services.

Municipal services

The information after its publication can be quickly received by the dispatcher's console, where due to the exact location of the problem, it is processed more quickly and without any delays and delays is transferred to the appropriate utility service unit. The information on all received signals is stored in a common database, which gives ample opportunities for carrying out various analytical studies.

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Awesome Features



Verification of data

Open access



Integration with social networks

Low input threshold


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